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Lunakia 2018 - TENRYU
* 2 PCS. Spinning MODEL - Solid tip

*AT-series guide made of Titanium frame

  • Finesse model forcussing to hooking
  • It wear very sensitive carbon solid tip and stiffness on berry and butt
  • You can feel "super slow action" while control and it become "slow action" gradually by loading
  • It is effective for Jig-Head 1g to split shot or light carolina rig up to 3g
  • AT-guide is set for using mono-filament line like Flourocarbon and Ester and for lightweighting
Rod Concept :
  • Our target is Light Game Rod that touch your heart
  • You can enjoy various light game in this series, for example super finesse at Bay area or aggressive style at rock shore
  • We believe it stimulate angler's awarness and hunting instincts by bold lightweighting and latest blank technology
Blank :
  • C.N.T material is used on butt section of all items
  • Solid Tip is used for LK582S-LS and LK632S-LMLS
  • Magna-Flex technology is used on LK6102S-MLT, LK752 and LK822
Guide :
  • K-guide with stainless frame and SIC-ring
  • AT-guide is used only on butt section of LK582S-LS and 632S-LMLS
Lures :
  • Our original NISHIJIN Textile is used onews fore grip and reel seat of all items


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TENRYU 021287 Lunakia LK632S-LMLS

salt Fishing rod - Rockfish / horse mackerel / Jig heads
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