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Example of multiple purchases
for R/C tire full set

we will change the delivery method depending on Total shipping/delivery fees.
if you purchase two or more items, please select cart menu "with" and add to cart.

standard 1/10 scl, M-chassis class, Carbon lightweight , Large block tire etc , the shipping fees category is differ the depending on product size and weight.
(purchase example)
in case of single set purchase it is usually shipping (ePacket).

with price $ 25.77 (items 17.77 + delivery 8.00)

with price $ 26.52 (items 18.52 + delivery 8.00)
total 52.29 (items 36.29 + delivery 16.00)

in case to Asia : change to EMS
in case to Oceania : no change (standard delivery)
in case to N/C US : no change (standard delivery)
in case to Middle East : no change (standard delivery)
in case to Europe : no change (standard delivery)
we will change the shipping method depending on the shipping fee amount.

tire set / setted standard shipping (epacket)
one set of shipping/delivery fees is US$12.00
(worldwide common)

area/set qty. 1set 2set3set4set 5set...
Asia - EXPEXPEXP ...
Oceania - -EXPEXP ...
N/C US - -EXPEXP ...
Middle East - -EXPEXP ...
Europe - --EXP ...
South America - --EXP ...
Africa - --EXP ...

change to expedited delivery
* Asia : 2set ~
* Oceania : 3set ~
* Europe : 4set ~

original presets will be profitable than separately buying
we will change the shipping method depending on the shipping fee amount.

Standard Expedite / change the Delivery method
(standard: ePacket / expedited: EMS)

in case of multiple purchase with Standard delivery only, we will change to the EMS(expeited), in case of total delivery fees amount is over ... US$ **.**

* Asia: US$ 16.00~
* Oceania, N/C US: US$ 22.00~
* Middle East: US$ 25.00~
* Europe: US$ 25.00~
* South America, Africa: US$ 28.00~

(total delivery fee)

* those who if hope to standard delivery(no change to expeited). we will refund the difference amount the delivery fee, or we will send a discounted paypal invoice. would please contact us before ordering.

Delivery area information
destination countries
Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record
direct email to ARTESJAPAN