for Multiple orders / shipping method
we will change the delivery method depending on your order contents and conditions of the shipping company (JAPAN POST).
there is upper limit of insurance amount and the dimension restriction of package in Japan post.

would like please check mainly Case No.2
(change the shipping method)

Case. 1 (standard bundle shipping)


in case you purchase multiple items of ordinary(standard) delivery.

usually, of course bundle shipping.
(standard: ePacket)

* we will change shipping method under certain conditions, due to the upper limit of insurance and size restrictions of delivery company (case. 2)

* if the shape is extremely different, we will ship it separately for prevent damage from being broken. there in case may be charge the additional shipping fees. (e.g. Fishing rod and fishing cooler box.)

Reference for multiple purchases for each category.

sample for R/C (1) motor+ESC
sample for R/C (2) tire+wheel+inner/free choose
sample for R/C (3) tire+wheel+inner/full set
sample for R/C (4) damper oil
sample for MINI 4WD + GUP
sample for Fishing (jigs/Lure)
sample for INVOICE only items

Case. 2-1 (change the shipping method)


we will change the shipping method according to the shipping fee amount.

Standard Expedite / change the Delivery method
(standard: ePacket / expedited: EMS)

in case of multiple purchase with Standard delivery only, we will change to the EMS(expeited), in case of total delivery fees amount is over ... US$ **.**

* Asia: US$ 18.00~
* Oceania, N/C US: US$ 24.00~
* Middle East: US$ 26.00~
* Europe: US$ 28.00~
* South America, Africa: US$ 32.00~

(total delivery fee)

* those who if hope to standard delivery(no change to expeited). we will refund the difference amount the delivery fee, or we will send a discounted paypal invoice. would please contact us before ordering.

No.1 Asia , No.2 Oceania, N/C US, Middle East
No.3 Europe , No.4 South America, Africa
(Shipping costs vary depending on the destination country.)
AREA 1 : Asia
India, Indonesia, Korea, Cambodia, Guam, Saipan, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Taiwan, China, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Bhutan, Brunei, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macao, Malaysia, Myanmar, Maldives, Mongolia, Laos

* can not deliver to the Japan.
* colored country name has our delivery results.
AREA 2 : Oceania
Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, Papua New Guinea, Fiji

AREA 2 : North/Central America
United States, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Canada, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Barbados, Honduras, Mexico

AREA 2 : Middle East
United Arab Emirates, Israel, Iraq, Oman, Qatar, Cyprus, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Bahrain, Jordan

* colored country name has our delivery results.
AREA 3 : Europe
Iceland, Ireland, Azerbaijan, Italy, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Estonia, Austria, Netherlands, Greece, Croatia, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Srbija, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Finland, France, Bulgaria, Belarus, Belgium, Poland, Portugal, Macedonia, Malta, Monaco, Latvijas, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Romania, Russian Federation

* colored country name has our delivery results.
AREA 4 : South America / other
Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Brazil

AREA 4 : Africa
Algeria, Uganda, Egypt, Ethiopia, Reunion, ... Republic of South Africa, etc.., please contact for confirmation

* colored country name has our delivery results.

Case. 2-2 (Exceeding package size)
Exceeding the specified size for standard Air

* also we will change in case exceeding the size limit of standard shipping (epacket).

We have discontinued handling the delivery category Name " ePacket " / 1st Sept 2023
size limit over

restrictions of standard method (ePacket)
3-sides total length 90cm max
1-side length 60cm max
weight 2.0kg max
insurance upper limit 6,000 JPY

Case. 3-1


in case include the item which have set the EMS, it will priority to EMS-item. (usually)
(standard: ePacket / expedited: EMS)

There is a case tariff (import tax, VAT etc) in EMS is expensive. please check with your country's customs.
Case. 3-2


if you hope the standard shipping, please contact us when the order. we disable the corresponding of case.3-1

we will refund a part of the delivery fee. or we will send a discounted paypal invoice. (will estimate the shipping fee after.)
Case. 4

There is a case to be tax-free by the amount of the document. Better to split might pay is reduced.

*total amount: US$50.00 - taxation

*total amount(1): US$25.00 - tax exemption
*total amount(2): US$25.00 - tax exemption

required the Estimate before order for correspondence. please contact us when the order.
Special case

There is a case where there is a limit to the items quantity by country.

usually, write the items detail to shipping documents,

*tire ... 4pcs amount us$ **.**
*wheel ... 4pcs amount us$ **.**
*inner ... 4pcs amount us$ **.**

There is a country that can not be imported to this description. in this case to we change the description,

* tire set ... 1set amount US$**.**

it's a rare case, however, we recommend confirmation of customs conditions before ordering.

import taxes, VAT, etc
please check with your country's...
Shipment documentation
customs declaration document

Delivery area information
destination countries
Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record