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we will be refund in the following cases.

cancellation of before our shipment.
1-1. Cancel / Full refund
usually will shipping after order on the day ~ 3 days later. if the sold out will be shipped after 4 ~ 6 days.
cancellation of after shipment.
1-2. Cancel / only item amount
if the item had sold out after your order.
2. Sold out / Full refund
we will continue to order if you possible the consent time of securing of items.
3-1. damaged
if the luggage is damaged when arrives, if your hope to cancel.

3-2. lost
if the luggage is lost during delivery, if your hope to re-shipment
if your hope to re-shipment, we will be done reshipment. otherwise we will refund after post office have conducted a survey of trouble.


reception or not conditions

Returned / Exchange

terms and conditions

Delivery area information

destination countries

Multiple order / shipping method

will change delivery way depend on amount

Delivery schedule / Actual ex.

Actual Delivery tracking record


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