Packing method
we has chosen the best way for each item. we has priority to the insurance and safety delivery and low price.

safe packaging.

Methods based on a lot of our shipping experience. Delivery fees will vary by destination country and items weight.

Delivery fees is include the packing materials fee and packing handling charges.

relatively lightweight items will do economy packing(postal envelope), we will change to the hard box depending on purchase quantity and delivery quality on each countries.

sample image

simple economy packaging / paper bag (postal envelope). / sample image

super hard paper Tube / for fishing rod, elongated items shipping

packing materials / shipping
common information for Long products
Damage prevention measures

about any item packages, peel off the seal tape of box for put a cushioning material when shipping procedure, and it may not be enclosed at the time of manufacturer shipment, however we put in the cushion material by the judgment of our shop.

sample image (seal tape)

in case there is a large space in the manufacturers package and product moves, in case there will be opened and a put in the cushion.

Delivery area information
destination countries
Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record