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import taxes, VAT, etc / Customs
import duties, Value Added Taxes ... etc.

conditions under which tax is applied to different by purchase price or lows of each country. please check with your country's customs office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

in case when need to pay the tax. (Differ to depending on the amount or quantity.) (We recommend that you confirming the about tax of amount beforehand.)

Contact information / Customs

United states
USITC (United States Int' Trade Commission)
ITA (International Trade Administration)
DDTC (Directorate of Defense Trade Controls)

EU (European Union)
European Commission

United kingdom

Agenzia delle dogane e dei monopoli

Singapore Customs

UAE (United Arab Emirates)
FCA (Federal Customs Authority)

... etc.
some of the examples that will be taxed

e.g - will be taxed described amount is in case of more than **.** dollar

e.g - in case shipping method is EMS. (taxation will be expensive depending on country.)

*** we can respond if have instructions when from orderer place an order for not be taxed or tax reduction way. we will be respond by changing the amount stated in the package slip, or by changing the delivery method etc. (we do not recommend / different notation from the original amount of money is not recommended.)

we can split shipping for lower the described amount. (necessary the estimate before ordering.)

(Just one example)
split image

Shipment documentation

customs declaration document

Delivery area information

destination countries

Multiple order / shipping method

will change delivery way depend on amount

Delivery schedule / Actual ex.

Actual Delivery tracking record


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