you can order using paypal shopping cart (can be also order by email)

Prepayment only
Shipping after confirmation of payment.

Selling price
will change the selling price in accordance with the exchange rate. if approximately 10% of the change has occurred is done from time to time price revision.
Thank you for your understanding.

Email payment (paypal invoice)

in the case of Changing the delivery method. if you are looking for products that are not registered in our shop, payment in a currency that is different from the notation amount, etc. we will send an invoice by e-mail through the our account.
You can pay by a variety of currencies.

we adopted paypal cart system of high safety in the international. (usually US$). you can pay in a variety of currencies. (please contact us by e-mail if you hope the payment by other currencies.)
AUD, EUR, GBP, NZD, CAD, HKD.., etc.

available the Payoneer Inc. payment

would like please tell us your want product. we estimate and send you an invoice (payment mail) / please tell me the destination country. it available for bill of $ 20 or more.

additional payment methods.
TransferWise Limited / UK

Delivery area information
destination countries
Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record