shipment documentation
declaration to customs / delivery company's slip

document type

Need to fill in the following items in the document of the some method when shipping from our shop for post office and customhouse.

ems document
for EMS
epacket document
for ePacket
CN23 document
CN23 : for EMS/ePacket

(CN23:Customs declaration document)
Required documents is different depending on the country. * click to enlarge

e.g. (ePacket) economy packaging
classification of contents

we need to specify the type of items in the delivery. the types that the post office specifies are as follows.

gift, / merchandise, / personal effects, / sample, / others, / documents.

usually we will ship in the " others "

it may take customs duties in your country according to item. there are cases where the amount of the customs duties is different.

we shipping with other mention if you hope. please instruct us.

document on the surface of the package (CN22)
we always/usually select "other"

attached documents with surface document (CN23)
we always/usually select "other"
Declaration of money transaction (with or without)

remarks on invoce

shipper must be stated to the customs document.
Commercial value, or No commercial value.

we always/usually select "No Commercial value"
(in countries where invoice is not required in case will not stated.)
About the description of the amount

- delivery company documents,
- customs documents,

... for Japan and each countries.

- for Personal name addressed:
we mention(write) the items amount only.

- for Company name addressed:
we mention(write) the total amount.
total amount is, " item price and delivery fees "

import taxes, VAT, etc
please check with your country's...

Delivery area information
destination countries
Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record