Order process

until Delivered from order of item

1. your order
2. our shop procedure
3. delivery company procedure
4. in destination(your) country
5. be Delivered / after
1. your order

order using paypal shopping cart
(can be also order by email)

order quantity
- single purchase / cart menu "only"
(order qty. just one)
the all item page is set with quantity 1.
add to cart a "quantity 1" with a single click.

- multiple purchases / cart menu "with"
(order with another items, or two~ items)
you can change the quantity in the cart view.
or, if you click twice will be "quantity 2".

there are items with different shipping fees depending on purchase quantity.

order method
(sample image)

we setting the select option on the button to put in the cart. "only" or "with".

only... If you order quantity is just only one.

order method order method

with... If you order quantity is two or more, or with other items. please select the "with" before clicking the button to "Add to cart".
order method order method

will send to you automatic email from Paypal for order details and payment confirmation.
(paypal )

Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
2-1. our procedure - order confirmation

we will comfirming your order contents and payment status after completing these do the dispatch procedure.

we will contact the shipping schedule and order for confirmation by manually email.
(our shop )

we will contact the few hours or within 24 hours after your order.

about deliver address
we will deliver to the address you are registered in PayPal.

basically we will not shipping to different address from registered in PayPal address. please contact us by e-mail if the address is different.

Delivery area information
destination countries
2-2. our procedure - shipping schedule

it will shipping on the day or next day in case of stock items.

in case out of stock is ordering to the manufacturer, take are 3~5 days.

about stock status
may become out of stock. ordering to the manufacturer if order item was sold out in our shop. it arrived our shop the 3~5 days after.

if manufacturers have sold out, if can you waiting, can i please you wait until in the stock? or if we can not stock a long period of time, would like please to respond cancel and refund.

about shipping method
delivery company at Japan: Japan post
delivery method: ePacket, EMS, SAL

Have decided "different shipping method" depending on item of "amount, size, weight"

2-3. our procedure - shipment completion

we will contact to you when shipping finished inform the tracking number.
(our shop )

Delivery area information
destination countries
(Can not be tracked in the case of "non registered small package " / we do not recommend the non registered shipping.)
3. Delivery company procedure

delivery process in JAPAN

we deliver package to nearest post office from our shop. post office will register the document number of package.

will be possible to tracking on web. transfer to the international post office. in most cases, it's in the OSAKA. shipping from Japan after customs procedure is complete.

air freight

Delivery schedule
Delivery completed from our shipment.

Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record
4-1. in destination(your) country

package will transfer to customs from international post office. please confirming for customs condition.

import taxes, VAT, etc
please check with your country's...
4-2. Customs check

in destination country. will check the package and items contents in the customs.

if there is a case in need the payment ...

(case-1) will be send tou you the invoice notification before delivery.

(case-2) need the payment at the time of receive the package.

there in case it is not taxes depending on the country and amount.
4-3. Domestic delivery

it will be shipping out from post office after check procedure is complete in customs.
5-1. Delivery completion

Deliver complete
5-2. After / when received the package

if occurs the some trouble when received the package.

please note:
If the outside is damaged, please check the status of the items after open immediately.

Returned / Exchange
terms and conditions
After service / Parts supply
damaged or loss / consumption
packing materials / shipping
common information for Long products

Delivery area information
destination countries
Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record