Information invoice Pay.
Items for which a quote is specified at the time of purchase.

" invoice payment only " items

products with relatively low prices and low weight at ourself judgement, we have not set shipping costs. explains how to order it at the this page.

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would like please email us the items you want or please pay $0.01 per 1type item for PayPal system reasons (cannot set the $0.00), we will refund when we send the invoice.

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sample item / invoice payment only

order pattern-1
in case including regular products (item price+shipping cost)
1 usually order item (includ' deliver fees) please pay by paypal cart as usual
2 invoice payment only item we will send the additional invoices by email
3 ...

simultaneous orders in "usual items" and "invoice payment only item", there are no additional shipping costs, only the items price.
order pattern-2
only " invoice payment only item "
payment only
1 invoice payment only item
2 invoice payment only item we will send the totaly invoice by email
3 ...

orders in only "invoice payment only item", shipping fees will be taken separately.

generally around 8~10~ US dollars for standard shipping(ePacket), depending on the order quantity.

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invoice payment only
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invoice payment only
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invoice payment only

Delivery area information
destination countries
Multiple order / shipping method
will change delivery way depend on amount
Delivery schedule / Actual ex.
Actual Delivery tracking record