RECOVERY Standard Air small package for US, UK ,CA , FR GE, (1.Oct.2023)
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LED Black light (UV flash light)
Do not see direct light.
for Phosphorescent/ impound UV light items only
for items that can be used (high effect) to without natural light. can be used (high effect) to fishing at night (no light). (it will be effective when used during the day.)

can not use (low effect/does not phosphorescent.) to, products that emit light by natural daylight in during the day, or fishing at night with Fluorescent light. (490 glow / Luminous glow (keimura)) etc.

require: AA #3 batteries (dry cell) 1pcs (not included)

PROX 209941 UV Flash light PX918P (purple)

for Phosphorescent/ impound UV light items only

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