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These are slick rubber tires that are best suited for carpet circuits, or oily track surfaces.

reinforced tire by fiber mold
These tires are made from a high-grip compound and feature aramid belts for enhanced durability. select a suitable type according to track surface temperatures.

will change the driving performance in the case of use a high-grip tires. we recommend change the viscosity of the damper oil or entire suspension or etc.
TAMIYA 53293

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TAMIYA 54256 Medium Narrow Reinforced tire Type C (24mm)

1/10 scale RC Car Tire multiple buy
total$15.93 or 24.50USD
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1pair (2tires)
std. $9.70
sell $8.73
deliver $7.20
total $15.93
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All area $7.20
class No. STD0150

2pair (4tires)
std. $19.40
Selling $ 16.50
(per one $8.25)
delivery $8.00
Total $24.50
Standard delivery
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All area $8.00
class No. STD0150S
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