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* 2 PCS. Spinning MODEL
solid tip model

Eging(squid jigs) rods/Cast
please do not casting in the state of a
short distance from the tip of the rod to the Egi.

  • The rod, in order to capture the autumn squid, Egi of high 2.5 number ~ No. 3 of the frequency of use, has a ML power that can be handled comfortably. This length is to achieve both long cast and operability.
  • Fuji Titanium Frame TORZITE Ring K Guides. Top Guide : Fuji Titanium Frame SiC Ring K Guide
after parts / GCRS-782H

#1********JPY **,***
#2B********JPY **,***
(in case of not use the warranty)

will be keep the warranty card in Japan within valid period.
you need to send broken-parts etc to Japan as a premise. please contact for more information or delivery fees etc.

Calamaretti - 2016
GCRS 802 L
GCRS 832 M
GCRS 862 M

Calamaretti - 2017
GCRS 642 M-SS Tip Eging Model
GCRS 672 L-S Tip Eging Model
GCRC 662 L-S Metal Sutte Model (Bait Casting)
GCRS 662 UL-S Metal Sutte Model
16 Calamaretti

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'16 Calamaretti GCRS-782H

Graphiteleader - OLYMPIC co., Ltd.

salt Fishing rod - Squid / Eging
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Buyer protection safer shopping - paypal

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Hard paper tube for Fishing rods shipping.
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for fishing Rods

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