RECOVERY Air/ePacket Delivery for India (2.Aug.2023)

Shipping to the United States : Only EMS available. We have discontinued handling the delivery category name " ePacket " but it may continue depending on the country.


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SHIMANO 596338 EXSENCE Dive Assassin 99S FB 004

XM-E99U / 99mm / Sinking

Fishing - Saltwater Lures
total$28.00 or 25.00USD
included shipping / not included import Tax
std. $23.00
sell $18.00
deliver $10.00/7.00
total $28.00/25.00
Standard delivery
only this one $10.00
with other items, or
two~ items $7.00

class No. STD0200FLR

cut Fee by multi buy
(int'l common fee)
only / with

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