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hardness level 20 Radial Tire (*set in the specified direction)
MZW37 (standard)
20  30  40 
20 (soft)  40 (hard)
10  20  30  40 
10 (soft)  40 (hard)

This is a set of 4 pcs Kyosho 11mm Racing Radial Tires. these radial tires are used with the Mini-Z Racer series kits, and feature a special patterned edge that is effective on both urethane and carpet surfaces. Specific left and right sides feature a directional pattern and the durometer hardness rating is etched on the inside of the tire.

Choose from 10, 20, 30 or 40 Shore compounds (softest to hardest). use different compounds to tune the level of traction for various track conditions; softer when you need more grip and harder when you want less grip. These tires must be used with 11mm wide wheels.

KYOSHO 090983 MZW38-20 racing Radial Wide tire 20 deg MINI-Z

1/27 scale KYOSHO MINI-Z Tire
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